Mathew 5:14-16

Mathew 6:2-4

I don’t want to say Jesus contradicts himself. But sometimes I wish I could ask him… “What!? Do I let my light shine? Or Hide my good deeds. What is my light, is this a good deed? I don’t understand!!”

I consider myself a pretty modest person. I don’t like bragging or assuming people will like my work. This makes it difficult, because I should be marketing and promoting my comic to get success. But I always feel like that has a level of Pride and arrogance, as if everyone should look at my comic ’cause it’s so great. So in the end, barely anyone sees it. It’s kind of a little mental dilemma I have.

This actually leads nicely into an announcement. I’m taking a break from the comic for an indefinite period of time. Due to personal stuff and other projects I’m pursuing, I feel like my time is better spent elsewhere lately. I’m very grateful for everyone that has kept up with the comic thus far, all 20 of you. (or so…) XD

If my situation changes in the future, or God kicks my ass and says “Hey, who said you could stop!?” Then I may return. Until then, my most heartfelt thanks for reading my thoughts and joining me in a journey through this weird and wonderful book. I’m leaving the site up, since there’s still over a years worth of comics to enjoy. =)


As always, thanks for reading,